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HSBC Living Business Awards 2019

  • 2019
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  • 2017
Gold Award

Meiriki Japan Company Limited

Meiriki has a well-established CSR policy in helping different service targets: children, youths, underprivileged families, elderlies with different CSR programmes.In order to help underprivileged women (e.g. single parents) and disadvantaged groups (CSSA recipients and people... | Learn More |

Silver Award

Hong Yip Service Company Limited - Cheung Sha Wan 1

Hong Yip Service Company Limited has been active in its volunteering and Cheung Sha Wan 1 also supports the activities of the group. In addition to financial or material support in providing home repair to the vulnerable groups, Project “Sisters Okay" helps strengthen a... | Learn More |

Bronze Award

John HY Yip Surveyors Limited

JHYY is dedicated to removing any barrier to inclusion and creating an inclusive environment for its employees and creating a caring culture for both the disabled staff and the youths/interns. It believes that promoting self-reliance and developing individual potential are the... | Learn More |