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City Cut Hair and Beauty Salon

City Cut Hair and Beauty Salon (City Cut) was established in 1989. It provides various personal beauty services such as professional hair styling, manicures, body and facial treatments, etc. City Cut is one of the salon pioneers offering free hair-cutting service to those in need in Hong Kong. Staffs are motivated by the company’s vision and become one of the key players to drive community engagement since 2002. 

City Cut strives for growth and enhancement in community engagement in the last decade – integrating sustainable elements in their services and shifting the key service target and direction on volunteering activities from youth to elderly in order to align with the social agenda on ageing. In recent years, City Cut has joined hands with Hong Kong Employment Development Service by providing training and job shadowing opportunity to the vulnerable in related industry. In 2017, they launched a joint volunteer team called “Teen Teen Outfilter” to further enhance the strengths of the team and service.