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Past Winners

HSBC Living Business SDG Award 2019 (Goal 1: No Poverty)

Gold Award

Meiriki Japan Company Limited

Meiriki has a well-established CSR policy in helping different service targets: children, youths, underprivileged families, elderlies with different CSR programmes.
In order to help underprivileged women (e.g. single parents) and disadvantaged groups (CSSA recipients and people with disabilities), Meiriki optimizes company policies to meet their needs by offering new positions and provide flexible working hours and locations, and providing free after school care for children with a safe and comfortable environment.
Meiriki also put effort to minimise the intergenerational poverty of young people and elderlies.
For young people, Meiriki provides lots of internship opportunities to broaden the social horizons of young people who are studying (including new arrivals from mainland and ethnic minorities); and set up competitions and scholarship schemes to develop their potentials and honour outstanding students. To alleviate the living difficulties of the underprivileged elderly in Hong Kong and improve their quality of life, Meiriki provides medical and dietary support to them and working opportunities with on-the-job training for people who are aged 50 years or above.